Hluma Minerals is a major shareholder in a copper benefication plant which produces +/-99 % pure copper in the Northern Cape and a mine.

We have an offtake here in South Africa for the lifespan of projects which are estimated at 10 to 15 years


We have a chrome wash plant in the Northwest with a capacity to produce 40000 tons of chrome concentrate a month. We have signed offtake agreements with three mines to supply us with the run of mines and

we are in the process of acquiring a stake in one of the mines, We have signed two major offtake agreements with two end-users one from Asia and one from India for the product we produce


Currently we are only trading in iron ore, we have signed offtake agreements with various mining companies in the Northern Cape, however we are looking for lucrative opportunities to partner with land owners, permit holders with relevent documents and existing small scale miners looking for partner to increase production in thier manganese and iron mining operations


We have partnered with particular communities in the Northern Cape and are in a process of developing a medium to large scale alluvial diamond mining operation.

We expect to start minig in the beginning of the second quarter 2018 the project lifespan is estimetated to be +/- 15 years